The Three Pillars of Data Security

Data security guards the data of organizations and systems from misuse, access and alteration. This helps avoid data breaches that can cause disruption to businesses financial loss or penalties for compliance, as well as reputation damage. Modern methods of protecting data include a combination of technologies, tools and best practices that concentrate on the three pillars of protection for data which are: Confidentiality (preventing information from being exposed or read without authorization) and Integrity (ensuring that data is accurate and is not altered) and Availability (ensuring that information is available when needed).

The first step to effective data security is to create and maintaining an inventory and mapping of your data sets. This includes cataloging all the data stored in your data centers, storage devices that are network-attached and desktops, mobile devices, cloud services offered by third-party companies and software applications. It is also essential to take into account physical storage devices, like external hard drives, USB sticks, and even discarded printed files and documentation. They are often ignored but could contain a wealth confidential data. Cybercriminals are likely to take advantage of this.

Once you’ve gotten a better understanding of your data sets The next step is to categorize your sensitive information so you know the nature and location of it within your infrastructure. This will help you prioritize security measures, making sure that only the most crucial data is secured and that less critical information is easily accessible. It also lets you adhere to regulatory and industry requirements, such as those applicable to finance, health care and telecommunications.

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