How to Keep Data Secure From Hackers and Other Cyber-Attacks

Data is among the most valuable assets an organization has and is used for everything from decision making to marketing and sales. Therefore, it’s important for businesses to follow the correct steps to keep their data safe from cyber-attacks, hackers and other threats.

A data breach could have disastrous results, regardless of whether you’re the biggest corporation or the most recent start-up. You could lose customers in the event that they aren’t confident confiding their personal information to you. Even small business owners can safeguard their data with the proper security.

Start by creating a comprehensive list of your organisation’s data assets and where it is situated. This will inform any preventative measures that you put into place.

It is essential to classify data according to its sensitivity. This will help you decide whether the data must be secured with the best level of security, which may include encryption at all times. The classification process is always changing and should be constantly reevaluated when information is updated or changed. This will ensure that any changes are made in accordance with the most recent classifications.

Protecting data at rest -that is, when it’s residing on your system is just as important as securing it while in motion. It is ideal for your business to be able to track every access to crucial data from any device at any time. This will limit the risk of human error, which Verizon’s 2022 DBIR found was the reason for of 82% of data breaches.

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